THE MINIs – 6 pcs


Want to try our cakes but don’t know which one to choose? The good news is you don’t have to: THE MINIs are here to let you sample our entire range. They make great additions to any party (birthday, anniversaries etc) or corporate event because they can be eaten simply, with the hands, no cutlery or table arrangements needed. You can buy The Mini Box, which includes 6 different mini cakes, or The Maxi Box, which includes 30 mini cakes.

Try them out! ?

  • Chocolate Lover’s Cake (small amount of organic honey)
  • Tangy fresh lemon & lime (small amount of organic honey)
  • Summer berry vibes (small amount of organic honey)
  • Decadent Snickers caramel (small amount of organic honey)
  • Kid friendly banana caramel (100% vegan)
  • White chocolate kisses (100% vegan)

Wanna go fully vegan (no honey)? We’ve got you covered: check out the vegan MINI boxes!

Allergen info below

Gluten free 6 cakes
THE MINIs – 6 pcs


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